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Introducing your low cost tubing solution


Founded in January 2007, Tube Dogs is located at 3917 Richard Arrington Blvd, N. its founders vision is to provide the secondary tube market a greater service and value than the industry standard.  We supply secondary bundles, and cut to length material.  We accomplish this by acquiring excess downgraded inventory, sorting, and cutting to length to exact customer specifications.


We are able to supply pipe from ¾” up to 12”, rounds from 2 ½ OD to 10 ¾ , and squares from 1 ½” to 10” and rectangles in comparable dimensions.  Wall thickness from 16 gauge to ½”.  Grades from A500 and A513 are available.  A variety of sizes and lengths per your specifications can be used to fill truckload orders or we will arrange for smaller load shipments.


We can cut to your specified lengths down to 8 inches eliminating scrap and extra labor and material cost in your operation.  We can cut to any degree, bend, galvanize product to meet your working needs.  The burden is on us.  By managing your program efficiently on an accumulation basis we can maximize your savings and improve your margins.



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